LINK committed to a CSR approach!

The European Commission has defined Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as: ‘A concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interaction with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis.’ CSR comprises 3 domains: Society, the Environment and the Economy. 

Ever since its creation, the LINK endowment fund has been committed to this responsible approach, notably via its social or societal actions: fighting all forms of discrimination, fighting serophobia, etc., as well as through its economic initiatives: fundraising via various programmes to fight AIDS and stop the HIV epidemic by 2030.

Benefitting from over a decade of expertise in these two domains, LINK assists companies in improving and pursuing their CSR strategy. Its social actions are specifically oriented towards fighting all forms of discrimination. For comprehension constitutes the keystone of effective soft skills and self-management. All together avoiding any improper judgement or misplaced outlook, any discrimination whatsoever.

Boost your CSR by working alongside us to fight serophobia and HIV! 

Companies are morally obligated to and legally responsible* for tackling issues related to health, quality-of-life at work, inclusion and fighting all forms of discrimination. 

  • By funding the programme fighting serophobia, LINK invites companies to make these important issues an integral part of their CSR strategy.

*PACTE decree, ISO standard 26.000

  • HIV constitutes a public health problem affecting all of society, including companies.

The fight against HIV is today at a historic turning point. We now have the necessary means (tools for testing and prevention, treatments) to stop the epidemic by the year 2030. To reach the objective ‘2030 = no new HIV infection’, we need human investment (raising awareness) and financial investment. 

→ You are a key stakeholder in this societal change. With LINK, contribute to eradicating a major public health problem: HIV. 

 Supporting LINK means:

  1. Improving the quality-of-life at work and the health of your colleagues and collaborators, and so of their friends and families, by raising their awareness of HIV issues. In so doing, you optimize your workers’ productivity and your company’s profitability.
  2. Promoting your commitments at our side amongst your stakeholders, thereby improving your competitiveness and strengthening your positive brand recognition.
  3. Contributing financially to ending a public health problem and offering future generations an AIDS-free world.