Art is hope

Courtesy of Yves Mirande

ART IS HOPE was also founded on this notion of link. As early as 2009, its founder, gallery owner and independent curator René-Julien Praz, had the idea of organising an auction for AIDES by asking world-renowned artists and gallery owners to donate a work of art. The response and success were instant.

The brand ART IS HOPE emerged in 2013 with an exhibition of works at the Palais de Tokyo. It was followed by sales during the LINK Dinner for AIDES at the Grand Palais and Centre Pompidou. During all these years, ART IS HOPE has continued its action of complementing funding for AIDES and has left its mark on the landscape of modern art.

In 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the beginning of digitalisation with an online sale and starting from 2021, a renewal of the project designed jointly with René-Julien Praz will include a quantitative refocusing on around twenty works of art by first class artists, selected by a committee of world-renowned experts.

With the support of Maison Ruinart

For the LINK Dinner for AIDES, the endowment fund has created a “spin off” of the ART IS HOPE program, entitled ART IS HOPE X RUINART. 

Ruinart – a historic supporter of the LINK Dinner for AIDES – has eco-designed a paper envelope calle Second Skin. Ruinart asked Ugo Rondinone (left) and Fabrice Hyber (right), two great well knowned international artists sensitive to the actions of the LINK Fund, to express themselves on the Second Skin. These unique works were sold to benefit the fight against HIV/AIDS during the LINK Dinner for AIDES on March 7, 2022. The works of the two artists raised nearly 4000,00 euros in just a few minutes of silent auction.