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Our mission

Let’s work together to pass on to the next generation a world free of Aids.

This has been the LINK Endowment fund’s target for more than ten years.

Solidarity is more than ever necessary for our society. At the heart of this solidarity, you can find the link. Without it, nothing is possible.

The LINK endowment fund revolves around a notion of link. LINK gathers women and men of influence, executive managers, public or art stakeholders, all committed to rallying their network to raise funds and put an end to Aids by 2030. Clearly forward-looking, LINK relies on this high level network to rally major philanthropic support, through relevant solidarity projects.

The LINK Endowment fund chooses to donate all the funds raised to the AIDES organisation, the leader in the fight against HIV/Aids in Europe.

Being convinced that major individual donors or companies can play a key role in fighting HIV, we rally their support in order to fund targeted programs carried out by AIDES. The commitment of LINKERs, who are also donors and ambassadors of LINK projects, ensures funds are used in total transparency to finance AIDES programs.

Supporting LINK through your donations represents a real societal commitment to put an end to a public health issue: the HIV epidemic.

We finance

The LINK Endowment fund identifies and finances the most impactful programs to end Aids by 2030.


Providing different types of screening is indispensable to stop the spread of the virus. Every year, LINK funds over 40,000 tests carried out by the AIDES organisation among key populations. 


LINK participates in the development of sexual health centres to improve access to prevention and treatment and provide adapted support for people vulnerable to HIV.


LINK chooses to fund initiatives to inform, raise awareness and promote a sense of responsibility in the professional environment so as to stop discriminations against people with HIV.

We organise

The LINK Dinner for AIDES

An exceptional event combining togetherness, solidarity and sharing to take concrete action against Aids.

Art is Hope

A qualitative, solidarity sale of works of art to raise funds for the AIDES organisation.

With the support of Maison Ruinart

Board of directors

To succeed in its mission, the LINK Endowment fund relies on its network of influential, committed leading figures, determined to put an end to Aids by 2030.


Roselyne Bachelot
Présidente d’honneur
Ancienne Ministre de la Culture, Ministre des Solidarités et de la Cohésion sociale, Ministre de la Santé et des Sports, Ministre de l’Écologie et du Développement durable, Députée
Aurélien Beaucamp
Directeur conseil #RSE #Engagement & Relations chez GreenFlex
Jean-Guillaume Trottier
Founder & LINK co-president
CEO Biologique Recherche

Members of the board

Camille Spire
AIDES President
AIDES Association
Anne Bouferguène
Founder and LINK Head of mobilization
Associate executive director of Voyageurs du Monde
François Bompart
LINK Administrator & Secretary
Pierric Vanpouille
LINK Administrator & Treasurer
Director of Ad Astra by In Extenso


Nicolas Libert
Fondateur & Administrateur de LINK
Gérant de société
Ronan Le Joubioux
Fondateur & administrateur de LINK
Director, Head of Goverment Affairs and Policy France/Belux chez Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Francis Kurkdjian
Founder & administrator
Créateur de parfum
Marc Chaya
LINK Founder & Administrator
President and co-founder of Maison Francis Kurkdjian
Olivier Ponsoye
LINK founder & administrator
Managing shareholders at Carolus Advisors
Denis Granger
LINK Founder and Administrator
Ross Mc Inness
LINK Founder and Administrator
Chair of the board of directors at Safran
Donald Potard
LINK Founder and Administrator
International art campus chief excecutive
Thibault Poutrel
LINK Founder
President of Alderville Investissements
René-Julien Praz
LINK Founder and Administrator
Independant curator and consultant in cultural engineering
Guillaume Proust
LINK Administrator
CPA Contractor
de Saint-Seine
LINK Founder and Administrator
Member of the executive board of Natixis
Michel Simon
Founder and Administrator, Former LINK President
Company Manager